Bog Gardens

What is a bog garden?
  1. Types of bogs:

  2. A. Wild bogs:
    B. Ornamental bog gardens:
    1. Extension of the water garden; bog garden linked to a pond; overflow bog garden:
      • Created within the perimeter of the water garden by using a permeable retaining wall to confine the soil and separate it from the open water of the pond.
      • Extension of pond liner and creation of barrier lets water permeate the soil but prevents soil from falling into the pond.

    2. The independent bog; oasis garden; damp garden; irrigated bog garden:
      • Created by underlaying the bog garden with a non-permeable membrane that slows down the movement of water through the soil.
      • Made with liner independent from pond allowing greater flexibility in siting and shape.
      • As liner is completely covered with soil and not exposed to deterioration from ultraviolet light, cheaper materials like polyethylene can be used.
      • No water level to be maintained as in a water garden, so construction need not be watertight; perforation of liner fabric recommended to prevent stagnation and anaerobic soil.

    II. Advantages of a bog garden:

    III. Site:

    IV. How to build:

    A. Extension of water garden:

    B. Independent bog/oasis garden/damp garden:

    V. Partial plant list:
    Note: Many marginal aquatic plants not designated as bog varieties will flourish in bog conditions.

    Common name____________Botanical name

    Arrowhead ______________ Sagittaria
    Bat-faced Flower _________ Cuphea llava
    Canna _________________ Canna
    Cardinal Flower ___________ Lobelia cardinalis
    Cattail, dwarf ____________ Typha minima
    Corkscrew rush ___________ Juncus spiralis effusus
    Hair grass _______________ Eleocharis acicularis
    Horsetail ________________ Equisetum hymenale
    Iris/Yellow Flag ____________ Iris pseudacorus; and other water/bog iris
    Marsh Marigold ____________ Caltha palustris
    Monkey flower ____________ Mimulus cardinalis
    Papyrus/Nile grass _________ Cyperus papyrus
    Miniature Papyrus __________ Cyperus haspan
    Pickerel Weed _____________ Pontederia cordata
    Common Sweet Flag _________ Acorus calamus
    Variegated Sweet Flag _______ Acorus gramineus ‘Variegatus’
    Taro ____________________ Colocasia
    Umbrella Palm/grass, dwarf ___ Cyperus alternifolius
    Water Thalia/Water Canna ____ Thalia dealbata
    Water Nasturtium/Watercress __ Nasturtium officinale

    VI. Selected resources
    On the Web, enter "bog garden" or "bog gardens" in your favorite search engines.

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