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Public Events 2003

Meeting Schedule:
7:30pm at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, 2150 N Alvernon Way between Pima and Grant. Public invited. Door prizes.
Bring your extra plants, fish, etc to share

Coming Meetings
Thursday, Feb 27, 2003.Come meet new club President Joe Bonaparte

Thursday, March 27 - TBA
Thursday, April 24 - TBA
Thursday, May 22 - TBA
Thursday, June 26 - TBA
Thursday, July 24 - TBA

Who We Are

The Tucson Watergardeners is a club for people who enjoy the many aspects of watergardening; plants, fish or both. We organized in early 1999 and now have over 190 members. Dues are $15 a year or $20 per household. All are welcome to join.

The Tucson Watergardeners meet at 7:30 pm the 4th Thursday of the month from Febuary to October. There is a scheduled speaker on a topic of particular interest to watergardeners, members bring refreshments and contribute door prizes. Non-members are welcome.

"Ponderings", the official newsletter of The Tucson Watergardeners is published every month from February to October (the active watergardening months). It is mailed to all members, cost is offset by member dues.

View Photos from one home on the 1999 pond tour.

What's a Watergarden?

A watergarden can be anything from a plastic pail to an in-ground pond. As long as it holds water and you can grow plants in it, it's a water garden!

Some other examples of Water Gardens are:

  • Wooden Barrel
  • Pre-formed Plastic Pond
  • Flexible Liner Pond
  • Poured Concrete Pond
  • Metal Watering Trough

All of these can be both above ground or in-ground. The Tucson Watergardeners members have a wide range of ponds, and some even have all of the above.

For more information on watergardening, check out the articles at the bottom of the page, and visit some of our favorite websites

Add your Name to our Mailing List - Ask Watergardening Questions

If you want to be notified about Watergarden Events then send your name and address (make sure you include your zip code) to: Mailing List.
... Or ask Watergardening questions by Email.

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